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    If there are hackers report them on fourms. Big deal -_-. Even I admin lvl 1 but I can't kick. So what do I do? I do this: I take an screenshot (SS) and his Accounts name and report him. Like you are saying that [In directly] that we are lazy to report them on fourms? Why? Just go ahead and do it. I agree that is time waste but it is also helpful for others. Say this everyday you login to the server-- "I will protect and help the server grow!".
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    I give you this because- First of all you should be 14+ years to get / level up. Second,your playing hours is only 20. Be more active and kadoosh! Your admin lvl 2 as you wished.Be more active,helpful.
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    1 insults... 2spam...3??? HUH "i will fk this server"????
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    Bine v-am regasit prieteni!Am vrut sa fac acest topic pentru a ne aduce aminte de locul in care m-am ,,format" atat ca persoana cat si ca administrator.In timpul asta ne-am facut prieteni si cativa ,,dusmani".Unii dintre noi am mai si invatat cate ceva.Am schimbat multe idei,ganduri,intamplari.Ne-am mai certat,ne-am si impacat si cu unii chiar am pastrat legatura.Aici mi-am petrecut cel mai frumos timp din mediul virtual si sunt mandru ca am putut sa iau parte la acest proiect.Din pacate nu a fost o perioada atat de lunga pe cat mi-as fi dorit dar asa a fost sa fie.Sper ca ne vom reunii candva ca sa ne jucam impreuna! Cu drag,DeathWhisper.-Advisor(3)
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