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[Level up request] [IS]Yashas

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Nickname: (your nickname on server): [IS]Yashas
Age: (your real age, 14 years is minimum):18
Reason for up: (why do you want up ?):Hackers are increasingly day by day. Although i know we should report them In-game if any lvl 2+ admins are there and if not, report them on fourms. Like one day the fourms will be filled with only player reports. So If Iam online and the hacker is online i would check him... properly and do my necessary actions. Instead of wasting time posting the hacker report on fourms its better not to waste time. I need the power to hack the hackers.
Statistics image: (photo of /astats -> Admin Statistics): https://s13.postimg.org/wfsj27glz/sa-mp-095.png
Contact details: (write your ID: Skype or Yahoo! Messenger): yashasadityaamurali - FB.

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I will talk only for what i see last week.I think isn't a problem if forum will be filled with player reports😅

And last week,i doesn't see you 2 times online in one week so i can say you are inactive(I know i am the same,but we ain't talking about me here😂)


Edited by DeathWhisper.

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Man.. u are good as admin but u are so much inactive. I know u have good reasons to be inactive ( i dont want know them...) but an admin to be a good admin must be really active..


If i write contra, this doesnt mean i dont like u, know this.

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