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Found 1 result

  1. The National Trucking server has a bug that prevents Greystone and Death Valley maps to not load I will make this short, Recently I came back to National Trucking server after a long time and in the first minutes of my experience i encountered a game breaking bug that prevents Greystone and Death Valley outside maps from loading into the world, i spoke to a few players who were online and they said they have to same problem only the Greystone isn't loading, the other maps are working just fine. This is a MAJOR problem because the curent bonus mission includes the location Death Valley Port and is imposible to complete it untill the map bug gets fixed. Also the pilot missions which will prevent players from landing at the Greystone airport and finish their mission. I can't find anyone who can help with this problem, maybe a server restart will do... the scripters know the best I'll leave here a screenshot of the missing bridge. This post was made at 00:52 (GMT+2) 2 April 2021