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  1. Dakatax

    First... Your request is not like format!!! Second... You are not activity!! You are not playing, and i didn't see you are helping. And the last think!
  2. Dakatax

    Nickname: Dakatax Your idea: To can't make a war when you are trying to capture a zone in car! Describe: I mean, when you are driving or something else... Like you are the passenger... to can make a war in the zone! Because when i join in-game and saw we have new stuff... I test something and everything it's cool! But only one think, remove to make a war when you are in car or helicopter and e.t.c... Because that is really unfair! And like me when i have Fly Mode, i cannot be killed and take the base. For that. :)
  3. Dakatax

    Your Nickname: Dakatax Your Age 18 Your ideea: I think the admin who has level 4 or 5, to have some ranks here. Because we are only Members... I think we should have something like role to help and other stuff... Not to replied only. Like lock the topics in Infinity Stuntage forum topics only... If there is other admin in the other server... To have permission there. I will explaim... Like me, i have admin level 8 in-game... (Infinity Stuntage) And to have like some role (Administrator or Basic Administrator.) And can maybe lock topics and that it's... To be like all helpfull and in forum. Because now i have time, but like month or more time... I will be very busy, and i will can watch only the forum. My ideea it's all admins who has level 4 or 5... To have some roles and those roles to have some names like in-game.
  4. Dakatax

    1. There is no admin here to make your island... Only i can make it because i know the scripts, if there i had a permission to edit. 2. I don't see why you want island? That doesn't make sense to have.... You can buy house from someone else and anywhere!!! 3.
  5. Dakatax

    The Kid it's banned! Thanks for the Report. :)
  6. Dakatax

    The Player will be banned for 2 days.
  7. Dakatax

    I think, you are ready for next level!
  8. Dakatax

    I wasn't see you in-game... To say a good vote... For now, that it's.
  9. Dakatax

    Sup bruh.
  10. Dakatax

    Mate... First: That is not my problem for your dad is too bad to cut your Wi-Fi... Secound: We can't be alwasy online... I'm working, and have own life + my girfriend always need my help... And when i have time i'm joining always the game to see what happend and other stuff... Don't talk too much, when you don't know it!! And for the other guys. (For the staff.) They have own life too... They have a problem too... They have much, more than you... (Half of them.) And if you want to talk for that, i can talk with you everyday. For that, don't talk too much for us, when you don't know.
  11. Dakatax

    I been see that... When you join again from month inactivity... You post for Admin Request. Why are you doing this, when you are not playing in the server??? WTF mate?
  12. Dakatax

    One think to say: The people who doesn't have Admin level. Please don't give your votes, because the owners will be angry! Stop it.
  13. Dakatax

    Can you guys for what you are giving "PRO" ??? When this is not suggestion or other stuff!! Stop it! Banned!
  14. Dakatax

    Don't make me to feel bad for my vote! Because right now, you need to be more actived and helpfull. But you have the half! For that