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  1. Nickname: (your nickname on server): [IS]Yashas Age: (your real age, 14 years is minimum):18 Reason for up: (why do you want up ?):Hackers are increasingly day by day. Although i know we should report them In-game if any lvl 2+ admins are there and if not, report them on fourms. Like one day the fourms will be filled with only player reports. So If Iam online and the hacker is online i would check him... properly and do my necessary actions. Instead of wasting time posting the hacker report on fourms its better not to waste time. I need the power to hack the hackers. Statistics image: (photo of /astats -> Admin Statistics): https://s13.postimg.org/wfsj27glz/sa-mp-095.png Contact details: (write your ID: Skype or Yahoo! Messenger): yashasadityaamurali - FB.
  2. Yashas

    Maybe somebody else was capturing and you were out of gang zone. When a gang mate captures and ur out of the garage area it still counts. So it ain't a bug.
  3. Yashas

    So i login [ I used to play before too] then i see vehicles lying everywhere and i do /rac. It comes that : You must be admin level 1 " and why is this coming? I checked in /topadmins My name was not there. I went to /admins > Helpers > There are no server helpers. So why exactly did the Owner / RCON demote me? If any mistakes tell me that, i will correct it all by my self. And if there was a server test for a update and mistakenly i have been banned? I need the reasons. No offense to the owners.
  4. Yashas

    Now @FaLLenGirL has to speak.
  5. Yashas

    No I just came back from exams. And iam not in active. If you want me to prove it go to /gangs>/gm 6 >And search on last seen with my name on it. More proof- Ask SyycD
  6. Your nickname: (your nickname in game):[IS]Yashas Nickname of reported player: (nickname of reported player): Saha_Ande1 Reason: (say in words why you report this player) : Airbreak + Weapon hacks. Screenshot(s): (add a picture or more with the evidence):https://s13.postimg.org/k25y38mfb/sa-mp-092.png
  7. Yashas

    Romanian Da, este o idee foarte bună. Nu știu de ce a fost eliminat. English Yes it is an very good idea. I dont know why was removed.
  8. Yashas

    Ruben are dreptate.
  9. Yashas

    Campingul este singurul motiv pentru care serverul este distractiv.
  10. Yashas

    de ce nu îți câștigi scorul?
  11. Yashas

    Asap cosmey has to report with proofs so people can vote.
  12. Yashas

    Who said Quit jokes are not allowed? Although I do it.I agree that I do it but with hackers. I tell them to do /q to get 999999$ in game cash , sometimes they agree and do it. Like this I have managed hackers. If I can't manage them I use report via in game and in fourms.
  13. Yashas

    Guys! Whassup! I will be coming back soon because only 2 more exams left.Hope I come back soon. Until then-- Hail YASHAS
  14. Yashas

    What an assignment xD
  15. Yashas

    So your telling against SavaXPorn? Yes I know he is in decent. Where as, I use the word ""fk"" and he warns me. But when he says "porn" I feel very bad. I think he should be demoted. So Ruben I agree with you!
  16. Yashas

    If there are hackers report them on fourms. Big deal -_-. Even I admin lvl 1 but I can't kick. So what do I do? I do this: I take an screenshot (SS) and his Accounts name and report him. Like you are saying that [In directly] that we are lazy to report them on fourms? Why? Just go ahead and do it. I agree that is time waste but it is also helpful for others. Say this everyday you login to the server-- "I will protect and help the server grow!".
  17. Yashas

    I give you this because- First of all you should be 14+ years to get / level up. Second,your playing hours is only 20. Be more active and kadoosh! Your admin lvl 2 as you wished.Be more active,helpful.
  18. Yashas

  19. Yashas

    Nickname: (your nickname on server)[IS]Yashas Your idea: (say what's your idea) A cmd called as "/gvr" Describe: (describe your idea): Well i have observed that people are not parking their gang vehicles properly and they park it somewhere else.So /gvr= gang vehicles respawn. Only Co and Leaders can do this.
  20. Yashas

    Guys iam going in active because the main reason is EXAMS. I hope i will not get demoted since i have Exams. It will start on 16/1/2018. I will be back next week on-24/1/2018.If i come back early , my luck. And iam going to do my best ok? Please don't demote my Admin level i will try my best on exams and i need more concentration. I hope you guys understand.I will be back soon! HAIL YASHAS!
  21. Yashas

    Thanks guys!! HAIL YASHAS
  22. Nickname: (your nickname on server):Yashas Age: (your real age, 14 years is minimum):17[gonna be 18 soon] Reason: (why do you want admin ?): I want to be admin because i want special benefits so i can make events make people and players enjoy so much that they will login everyday.I wont use bad words until iam supposed to say it in a situation at times. I will kick hackers and who hack fully hacking i will ban them. But for this i need to be admin. I will make the server a better place. Statistics image: (photo of /stats -> Normal Statistics ):https://s13.postimg.org/c8yz7eojr/sa-mp-080.png From when do you play SA:MP ?: (from how much time do you play SA:MP ?)2015 You were admin on other servers ?: (yes or not, yes if you were admin) Do you know any admin command ?: (write some admin commands)/ban /aka /rcon login [password] /kick /warn /ip /oban /get /god /agod. Contact details: (write your ID: Skype or Yahoo! Messenger): yashasadityaa[fb]