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  1. SweetRevenge

    Nickname: (your nickname in SA:MP)[IS]Revenge[HZ] Ban photo: (photo from the ban dialog from the game)http://imgur.com/a/04wyb Which is why you were banned ?: (why you took ban)Supposed aimbot Additional informations: (every information that you think that will help you to be unbanned)I can do a teamviewer test. I only have a trainer but it doesnt work on me due to the game files.You can test that too. I've done 2 TW tests before and I've been clean.One by Eletro[X] and another by Sorin_FCD
  2. SweetRevenge

    Nickname: (your nickname on server)[IS]Revenge Age: (your real age, 14 years is minimum)13 (14 in 08/06/2017 Reason: (why do you want admin ?)My basic reason to apply for admin is to protect the server from hackers,but also I'm applying for admin because sometimes I don't have enough proof against hackers to admins,so they don't get punished.That's why I want to be admin. Statistics image: (photo of /stats -> Normal Statistics ) From when do you play SA:MP ?: (from how much time do you play SA:MP ?)4 years You were admin on other servers ?: (yes or not, yes if you were admin)Yes Do you know any admin command ?: (write some admin commands)/warn /kick /ban /jail /mute /freeze Contact details: Skype : isi.avdolli Thanks in advance,[IS]Revenge
  3. SweetRevenge

    Your nickname: (your nickname in game) SweetRevenge Nickname of reported player: (nickname of reported player) mohamed0.10 Reason: (say in words why you report this player) Possibly S0beit(idk what hack it is) Screenshot(s): (add a picture or more with the evidence)
  4. SweetRevenge

    Nickname : Sweet Revenge Your idea : Reduced friendly-fire damage Describe : I suggest you guys to reduce the damage dealt to team-mates.Not just a slap. =))
  5. SweetRevenge

    Nickname : SweetRevenge Idea : TransFender Items Describe : I suggest you guys to involve tuning parts of TransFender garage too,not just Loco Low and Arch Angels. The transfender parts should be applied to other cars such as Premier, or Cabbie,or Taxi etc...
  6. SweetRevenge

    Hi guys,I will be a little inactive because my GTA SA has a problem. See you in game!
  7. SweetRevenge

    Sure. How do I do TV test?
  8. SweetRevenge

    Isn't there any way to get unbanned faster? I mean,I didn't use any hack...
  9. SweetRevenge

    Nickname: (your nickname in SA:MP)SweetRevenge Ban photo: (photo from the ban dialog from the game) Which is why you were banned ?: (why you took ban)Hacks ( Aim ) Additional informations: (every information that you think that will help you to be unbanned)Please unban me,I didn't use aimbot I swear! I play SA:MP since 2011 and I have learned through Time