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[Admin Request][IS]Revenge

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Nickname: (your nickname on server)[IS]Revenge

Age: (your real age, 14 years is minimum)13 (14 in 08/06/2017

Reason: (why do you want admin ?)My basic reason to apply for admin is to protect the server from hackers,but also I'm applying for admin because sometimes I don't have enough proof against hackers to admins,so they don't get punished.That's why I want to be admin.

Statistics image: (photo of /stats -> Normal Statistics )2gxk29k.jpg

From when do you play SA:MP ?: (from how much time do you play SA:MP ?)4 years

You were admin on other servers ?: (yes or not, yes if you were admin)Yes

Do you know any admin command ?: (write some admin commands)/warn /kick /ban /jail /mute /freeze

Contact details: Skype : isi.avdolli



                                                      Thanks in advance,[IS]Revenge


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