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TDE editor

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Nume creator/Creator name: adri1

TDE editor este un editor si creator de textdrawuri util pentru detinatorii de servere./TDE editor is a textdraw editor and creator useful for server owners.

Link download/Download link: https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/QfwQHLh1/file.html


1. Descarca TDEditor/Download TDEditor
2. Copiaza TDE.pwn si TDE.amx in folderul filterscripts/Copy TDE.pwn and TDE.amx to your filterscripts server folder.
3. Copiaza TDE.dll si sscanf.dll in folderul plugins(daca nu exista creeaza-l)/Copy TDE.dll and sscanf.dll to your plugins server folder (create if you haven't)
4. Editeza server.cfg si adauga TDE la filterscripts, respectiv TDE si sscanf la plugins/Edit your server.cfg and add TDE in filterscripts, TDE and sscanf in plugins lines
5. Copiaza TDE.txd in folderul GTA San Andreas/models/txd./Copy TDE.txd to GTA San Andreas/models/txd.
6. Descarca si instaleaza/Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
7. Copiaza toate fisierele .dll in folderul serverului tau/Copy all .dll files from DLL Files folder to your main server folder
8. Deschide serverul/Open your server.

Edited by Sami
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