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[Unban Appeal]Daksh_Naik

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I got banned again, I dont know how i didnt even use any hacks! I didn't commit any ban evade! I was just inactive!

Nickname: Daksh_Naik 
Screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/7bvVhPD5/sa-mp-215.png
What is the reason why you got banned?: - Ban evade
More informations:I was just inactive for around a month, my nickname is Daksh_Naik! I didn't do any ban evade, nor did any hacks, nor any rulebreaks.
                  I was once mistaken-ly banned by Sami ( http://hype-zone.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/2011-unban-appealdaksh_naik/&tab=comments#comment-8165 ).

Admin who banned you: Liberty
Ban Type: Serial-banned
Screenshot: https://postimg.cc/MfDRrSnw

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I just don't know! Maybe i'm resetting my router again and again or i was inactive for many days, I don't have any idea how serial works......

Can i please know one more thing?: Will my statistics get back because the last time i was banned, i lost all my scores, money, etc....

Edited by Daksh_Naik

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