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  1. Sallakhman1

    Nickname: (Sallakhman) Varsta: (21) Primele 5 cifre ale codului numeric personal (CNP): (scrie primele 5 cifre ale CNP-ului tau) Motiv: (to get more stats and to answer people) Imagine statistici: (http://imgur.com/a/j8Gl7) De cat timp joci sa-mp: (de cand joci GTA San Andreas - GTA SA:MP) Ai mai fost admin ?: (if you means level I want to get back the past rank level 7) Cunosti comenzile de admin ?: (scrie cateva comenzi de admin) Date de contact: (Facebook:Omar Sallakh)
  2. Sallakhman1

    Hello, can I get back my admin level for 5 hours I am Sallakhman