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  1. [IS]DodoGTA

    The effects of the bug: When the game goes to glitch mode (which mostly happens when you ride a boat), after less than a minute, the infinite AFK glitch will appear When you discovered: Since March 31st of this year (the glitch mode), today (the infinite AFK glitch) Location: N/A A video with the bug:
  2. Nickname: [IS]DodoGTA Age: 13 years, 6 months and 4 days Reason: I want to protect other players Statistics image: From when do you play SA:MP ?: 2013-Late 2014; Early 2017-Present You were admin on other servers ?: I was an admin on this server Do you know any admin command ?: /settime /jail /unjail /rban /oban /r /cwrite Contact details: aidas957 (Skype) and aidas.jonikas1 (Facebook)
  3. [IS]DodoGTA

    The effects of the bug: When you spawn a VIP level 3 vehicle from the /v command's menu (like Sea Sparrow, for example), the game tells you that you're not VIP level 3 even if VIP level 3 doesn't exist anymore When you discovered: Since IS v6.4 Location: N/A A photo with the bug: