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  1. Hellfirehound

    Hey, My bank says i have 28m in it again, but i dont. All money in my bank shouldn't be there, i have all my earnings on me HFH
  2. Hellfirehound

    Experience as an admin, probably the oldest on the server and been playing SA:MP when most were still in high school, always online, help out newbs that speak english and Google translate for those who don't, reporting bugs on a regular basis, friendly....take your pick from them
  3. Hellfirehound

    In-game name: Hellfirehound Real name: Kenny Age: 43 For how long you have been playing samp?: Longer than most...about 10+ years, maybe longer You have been admin before ? : Yes, on 2 RP servers and my own trucking server. I can't remember the names of the servers but i do know they've long gone You know admin commands ? : I know the basic ones yes Contact : email on request in game Other: