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  1. Ognjen_Peruska

    Being an admin isn't just to ban/kick people
  2. Ognjen_Peruska

    Thank you
  3. Ognjen_Peruska

    In-game name:Ognjen_Peruska Real name:Ognjen Maksimovic Age:16 For how long have you been playing samp:3-4 years You have been admin before:No You know admin commands:/kick,/warn,/cc Contact:E-mail ognjenmaksa2113@gmail.com,Instagram ognjen_peruska Other:Can be online all day
  4. Ognjen_Peruska

    In-game name:Ognjen_Peruska Real name:Ognjen Maksimovic Age:16 Time played on samp:About 4 years You have been admin before ? :No You know admin commands ? :No Contact: email:ognjenmaksa2113@gmail.com,Instagram:ognjen_peruska Other:Never had problems with admins
  5. Nickname:Ognjen_Peruska Age:16 Stats:https://ibb.co/gFfLmGj Played hours in game:https://ibb.co/hmvsDt2
  6. Ognjen_Peruska

    Name:Ognjen_Peruska Age:16 Experience:About 2-3 years Stats:https://ibb.co/smZj7qf
  7. Ognjen_Peruska

    Me and my friend want to apply for company Ognjen_Peruska Viktor_Markovic
  8. Ognjen_Peruska

    Again https://postimg.cc/ZB9fHPtL
  9. Ognjen_Peruska

  10. Ognjen_Peruska

    There are walls following me around the map