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  1. Nickname: Cosmiy_ Varsta: 17 Primele 5 cifre ale codului numeric personal (CNP): 50201 Motiv: Am mai fost admin Imagine statistici: https://imge.to/i/q99IF De cat timp joci sa-mp: 2-3 ani Ai mai fost admin ?: da Cunosti comenzile de admin ?: /kick [reason] /ban [time] [reason] /goto [id] /ip [id] Date de contact: https://fb.me/cosmiy.rotaru
  2. Cosmiy_

    La multi ani!
  3. Cosmiy_

    yes right i didn't know i forgot disable god.. I'm sorry xD
  4. Cosmiy_

    it's not my fault lol sava told me ban him
  5. Cosmiy_

    https://imgur.com/a/sxYjp see pics
  6. Cosmiy_

    yes true SYYcD_6 is abuse admin demote him plz
  7. Cosmiy_

    yes i know im really sorry i don't have s0b i just use cleo, but i deleted
  8. Cosmiy_

    Nickname: Sk_Cosmiyy Ban photo: http://imgur.com/a/CFZdv Which is why you were banned ?: yes, i admit i use aimbot but im sorry i dont want use aimbot again.. can you unban me please? i like this server Additional informations: unban me PLS